Post christmas lunch doodlings

December 17, 2009

The UCC had Christmas lunch on Monday and then members of the PMR group retired to the Pickerel for further enjoyment. Nick Day and I spent a little while doodling later in the evening and I have captured these for posterity. I should say that the major muse is someone who would be extremely gratified to be sketched on beer mats as their favourite medium is currently the backs of paper plates.

face on woodforde's beer mat

A collaborative effort started by Nick ... in fact I only added the beard.

The muse - on beer mat.

The muse - on beer mat.

The muse from the side - on beer mat.

The muse from the side - on beer mat.


Chem4Word logo and my own unit

July 30, 2009

I realise that I have been quiet for a long time on here which is annoying because I have so much that I should be telling people – especially about Chem4Word . Luckily, PMR has been keeping the interest ticking over on his blog and there is always twitter for those quick messages. Speaking of PMR – he and I have had many “robust discussion” sessions over the last few weeks (months) as we have been trying to define what semantic chemistry really is, how much is possible before release and what is absolutely necessary. It has sometimes felt like smacking a puppy.

As we near a release date (we have function freeze and are now bug fixing) I was thinking about the branding etc and realised that we don’t have a logo, favicon or anything so was wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

I have to get back to writing a paper but first of all I was pleased to discover (thanks to Helen) that there is a Townsend unit (Td) but slightly less pleased that it is most important in gas discharge physics.